Individuals can be granted divorce in Canada no matter where the marriage took place, or what the citizenship of the individual is. However, the individual may be asked to prove that their spouses’ home address or their own home address is in Canada and the province within which they have applied for divorce. Further, if the individual or partners who are applying for divorce often travel out of the province within which they have applied for divorce, they will still be granted divorce as long as their permanent home is in that province.

Individuals can apply for and are granted divorce as long as the couple was legally married in Canada or another country, the couple intend to separate permanently from their spouse with the belief that there is no chance of reuniting or one spouse has left the other with no belief of reuniting, and both or either one of the partners have been a resident in Canada for at least one year prior to applying for their divorce.

Divorce - Question #1

Can I get a Divorce is Canada if I am not a Canadian Citizen or was not married in Canada?